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Reynolds Business Systems, Inc.

Company Background

Founded in 1970, Reynolds Business Systems, Inc. is an Allentown based corporation specializing the in high efficiency storage systems for all types of organizations - manufacturers, distribution warehouses, hospitals, local government, police departments, libraries, banks - virtually anyone with materials requiring efficient storage.


Our solutions are designed to save space, increase efficiency and productivity, enhance security and provide control. Our systems range from basic static shelving to fully automated, computer controlled storage and retrieval equipment.


Reynolds' process begins with an evaluation of your existing storage system and its limitations. We then inventory the materials and work with you to project future expansion needs. We survey the available space then create draft plans and budgets for evaluation. After reviewing the drafts with you we formulate a final plan that provides an immediate and long term solution and fits within the budget.


As an independent company, we provide solutions from a wide range of manufacturers based upon each client's unique requirements.


Reynolds is also a member of the ISDA buying co-op. ISDA is an organization of 77 independent businesses across North America. This network provides us with significant purchasing volume to assure we obtain each manufacturers lowest possible pricing. The network also allows us to serve local client's remote locations anywhere in North America.


Reynolds information management provides the same services for the storage and retrieval of information - both physical and electronic. For information on these services, please click here: feel free to contact us for a brief initial evaluation of your storage requirements.

Materials Storage Specialists
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