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mezzanines, work platforms, stairs and walkways

double capacity and increase accessibility

Fast to install and cost effective when you need space now
Variable configurations allow for customized designs to fit your space
Increase accessibility to inventory 
Improve worker safety
Double office space

See our latest installation in time lapse

space saving multi-tier storage

Mezzanines, platforms and deckovers are a fast, effective means to nearly double your storage capacity. By utilizing both vertical and horizontal space, you can pack more into your current square footage. And with the right design, access is easy and stability unquestionable. Whether you're adding new space or need to expand in your current area, incorporating mezzanines with industrial shelving and racking will provide twice the capacity, provide a long-term storage solution and increase productivity and efficiency by allowing quicker access to more inventory.

Reynolds design experts will work with you to analyze current space as well as future expansion needs and configure the most efficient and cost-effective storage solution that will last.

are ideal for
  • Storage decks

  • Office space

  • Work platforms

  • Observation decks

  • Second story office

  • Equipment platforms

  • Catwalks

  • Two-Story shelving and storage

  • External mezzanines

  • Conveyor support

  • Sortation

  • Viewing

  • Tool cribs

structural steel mezzanines

Double or triple the capacity of your warehouse or factory without taking up valuable floor space. You'll reduce clutter, help reduce workplace accidents and injuries and decrease damage to equipment.

  • Modular bolt-together systems

  • 3-point connections vs. in-shear

  • Variety of decking materials

  • Sturdy handrail with 4" kickplate

  • Heavy-duty columns and baseplates

  • Heavy-duty prefabricated stairs and accessories

  • 4-MIL powder coated steel components provide a superior level of durability against abusive, corrosive applications

cold roll mezzanines

Cold roll "pieces" (bending sheet metal into "c" channel used as the under structure of the mezzanine floor) attach to tubular steel or tapered columns. Cold roll has two major benefits - the material is lighter and less expensive to ship and it can be pre-galvanized, providing savings over hot dipped galvanized, stainless tell or aluminum mezzanines. A limitation is limited placement of columns (usually 10' to 15' max).

  • Modular bolt-together systems

  • Full-length columns in corners used for handrail (added stability)

  • Variety of decking materials

  • Heavy-duty side mounted handrail with 4" kickplate

  • Heavy-duty columns and baseplates

  • Heavy-duty closed-riser stair systems

  • 4-MIL powder coated steel standard components provide a superior level of durability against abusive, corrosive applications

  • Galvanized steel available

Concrete Decking


The most durable surface for heavy industrial or military use. Concrete has a high point load and minimal transmission of noise. Can pour up to a 6-inch concrete floor.

advantech Decking


One of the most common options, Advantech layered over corrugated steel provides superior quality to ordinary plywood due to its enhanced strength, stiffness and moisture resistance. Advantech provides a solid and secure resistance to foot traffic and is designed to withstand weather conditions better than ordinary plywood. This is also the most economical selection of decking material.

welded grate Decking

Heavy duty steel tread plate is generally installed over Advantech (which is mounted over corrugated steel deck), providing greater durability with higher point load and wheel load capacities. This also provides a quite floor. Next to concrete, this is the second most durable flooring.

resindek Decking

ResinDek is a high density composite floor recommended for mezzanines requiring a solid floor subject to heavy loads from the use of pallet jacks, carts or dollies. This floor is installed over 20g corrugated steel decking and has a load capacity of up to 2,000 lbs. The surface is skid resistant and easy to clean.

mezzanine flooring options
to meet every need
mini mezzanine

A Mini Mezzanine can more than double your storage capacity, especially in tight spaces. The structure is designed around a simple platform and stairs and you add storage units - shelving, cabinets, drawers, nearly unlimited combinations.

Mini Mezzanine
Mini Mezzanine
stairways, crosswalks, platforms
Lowboy Equipto.png
the low rise platform
Equipto Lowboy.png

In HIGH DEMAND - Warehouses, distributors, manufacturers and conveyor manufacturers are realizing the need for employees to have better visibility and access to conveyors and other equipment. These low rise platforms are being utilized by the largest e-commerce distributors in the world.

  • Locate next to conveyors where access is needed

  • Provide better ergonomics for machine operators

  • Completely flexible design

  • OSHA/IBC compliant

  • Improve worker safety

  • Meet code compliance


High Demand

Low Rise and Crossovers
Equipto Work Crossover.JPG
crossover platforms

Getting around warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities becomes more cumbersome each day as more equipment is added to the operation. This line of crossover bridges for high traffic areas or large crossover spans, meets all OSHA and IBC compliance codes as well as improving worker safety and speeding production by eliminating long walks around equipment.

  • 4' wide platform - completely flexible lengths and heights

  • Variety of decking options

  • Can be adjusted in the field for last minute changes during installation of other equipment

Equipto Work Crossover 2.JPG
Equipto Crosswalk.png
Equipto Stairs.png
Equipto Stair Guardrail.png
  • OSHA/IBC Compliant designs

  • Over 200 sizes

  • Galvanized steel

  • Open and closed panels

  • Ship's ladders and bridges

  • For use as standalone stairways, with mezzanines, platforms and decks

Equipto Crosswalk Illustration.png
Mezzanine materials lift
PB Materials Lift

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) Or Vertical Lifts are one of the most convenient ways to transport material to your mezzanine floor. While similar, these are not classified as elevators and therefore are strictly for the transportation of materials and equipment, not passengers.

These units are safe to operate and safer than forklifts.

Our VRCs come in a variety of sizes and load ratings from 3'x3' carriages to giant 30'x30' platforms. Additionally, these can be custom fit with special sized platforms and carriage ingress and egress options.

These options allow our VRCs to retrofit existing projects or integrate with new mezzaine and platform systems.

why reynolds

As an independent organization, Reynolds is able to provide mezzanine design and high quality products from leading manufacturers.  And because we provide storage products that go throughout the warehouse, you'll get a complete system incorporating the mezzanine structure, racking, shelving, even high density storage to ensure you have an effective storage plan that will last you well into the future.

Plus, you'll get Reynolds experienced materials handling design and service teams to support you every step of the way - from the planning phase to ongoing service for the life of the product.


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