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equipment moving and relocation services

Take the headache out of file moves (files and filing equipment) and commercial/industrial storage equipment.

relocating and moving files
  • Detailed project plan

  • Reduce down time

  • Ability to schedule move around construction and other move timetables

  • Full preparation plan for file moves - what, when and how to move

  • Off site storage available if needed

  • Minimize staff time required for move

Moving a library
Moving industrial equipment
Industrial equipment moving
File and equipment relocation
Records and file moving
  • Full space design capabilities

  • Workflow re-design

  • Coordination with builders and contractors and movers

  • Storage equipment recommendations

  • Office file moves

  • Library moves

  • Archives moves

  • Warehouse moves

  • Industrial storage equipment moves

  • Healthcare file moves

  • Banking file moves

  • County records moves

  • School file moves

  • Utility  file moves

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