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automated systems save space, increase productivity, reduce operating costs

Increase productivity up to 400%
Improve inventory accuracy to 99.9%
Streamline workflows 
Reduce or eliminate travel to retrieve and stock inventory
Increase storage capacity by 60% in current space

automated vertical solutions prove highly efficient

Automated carousels are the perfect solution when space is tight, inventory needs tighter control and production levels need improvement. Reynolds carries a wide selection of vertical carousels to solve your storage needs.

industrial vertical carousels -

Fast speed and easy access let's you store 60% more in the same footprint.

best for: 

  • Manufacturing and Assembly Operations

  • Maintenance

  • Warehouusing

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Auto Parts

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vertical carousel

lean lift -The automated high-bay warehouse in a cabinet

Fast storage and retrieval times with high storage density.

Best For:

  • Warehousing

  • Manufacturing and Assembly Operations

  • Climate-controlled storage

  • Pick and Pack Operations

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industrial lift

tire carousel

Increase storage capacity and ease of stocking and retrieval. Stores up to 352 tires in a single unit.

Best For:

  • Auto Dealers

  • Fleet Managers

  • Auto Body Shops

  • Tire Sales Centers

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tire carousel


Increase bed storage capacity while storing beds closer to patients.

Best For:

  • Hospitals

  • OR's

  • Long Term Care Facilities

  • Rehabilitation Centers

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wire carousel

Leverage vertical height and store more spools of varying sizes in a single unit. Easy loading and unloading - measure and cut directly from the unit.

Best For:

  • Manufacturers

  • Utilities

  • Phone and cable companies

  • Tech companies

See more here.

bar stock carousel

Store heavy bar stock, pipes and beams compactly in a vertical carousel. Automation makes loading and unloading safe and easy.

Best For:

  • Manufacturers

  • Maintenance

  • Industrial

sheet metal lift

Ease of access and faster retrieval times can improve capital equipment output by up to 15-20%.

Best For:

  • Manufacturers

  • Industrial

bed lift
wire carousel
Bar Stock Lift
Sheet Metal Lift

automated storage delivers:

Improved order-picking performance

High economic efficiency and cost saving

Protection of inventory

Climate control options

Ease of compliance

Space savings over 60%

Improved inventory accuracy

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