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modular structures

fast, flexible and economical space

Fast to install and cost effective when you need space now
Variable configurations allow for single to multiple offices, breakrooms and meeting rooms
Mezzanine offices don't tie up floor space
Variable designs for clean rooms and guard stations

extra space with strength, speed, value and flexibility

Modular offices are a fast and economical way to add space.  These durable structures are available in pre-fabricated designs or can be custom designed to fit your needs.  Whether you need an in-plant office or break room, a guard shed or clean room, we have designs to fit your needs, space and budget.  They can accommodate HVAC, fire specifications (available ASTM Certified 1 Hour Fire Rated), electrical, ballistics requirements and clean room specifications.


Reynolds design experts will work with you to analyze current space as well as future expansion needs and configure the most efficient and cost effective solution that will last you well into the future.

walls and partitions

Create safe work spaces with complete flexibility to move and expand as needed.

Modular Lactation Rooms

Adding modular lactation rooms around you facility
is fast and affordable.

  • Can be delivered fully assembled or assembled onsite with minimal disruption and mess

  • Standard features include:

    • Comfortable Seating​

    • Fold Down Table

    • Additional Soundproofing

    • USB Outlet

    • Coat Rack

    • Outlet

    • Steel, locking door and vinyl floors

  • Easy additions - casters for easy relocation, tablet kios and designed wallpaper and logos​

Modular Walls
Modular Office Walls 14
Modular Office Walls 10


ultimate flexibility in design

  • In-plant office
  • Break and lunch rooms
  • Conference/meeting area
  • Guard Shacks
  • Machine enclosure
  • Exterior storage units
  • Outside storage space
  • Sports Equipment Storage
  • Solar canopies
  • Parking canopies
  • Equipment storage
  • Washroom
  • Paint booth
  • Clean room
  • Mezzanine office
  • Shipping office
  • External office
  • Break/bus shelters
  • Vestibules
  • Walls
  • Partitions
Reusable - Re-locatable - Expandable
Standard and Available Features
  • Full electric package - Std.
  • Windows and doors - Std.
  • 3" insulated wall panels - Std.
  • 1 Hour Fire - optional
  • HVAC - optional
  • Clean room filtration - optional
Modular Guard Booths
Modular Paritions
Mezzanine Office
Tall Wall with Sliding Doors
Modular Structure
Lactation Booth Exterior
Lactation Room Interior
Lactation Rooms
Parking authority modular office
single level in plant office
Modular Clean Room
modular cleanroom/negative pressure
See more on cleanrooms here
Modular External Storage
external storage
Modular In Plant Office
multi - level in plant office
Outdoor Shelter
outdoor shelter/smoking shelter

call us today to find out more

Guard House
watch how modular space was added to an alaskan ship
Guard Booth
Mobile Guard-Shack

Modular security/guard booths

  • Custom Built
  • Relocatable
  • Mobile units for frequent relocation
  • NIJ and UL bullet resistance
  • Custom designed to match existing architecture
  • Withstands up to 180 mph wind loads
  • Insulated and weather proof roof systems
  • Selection of roof designs and colors
  • Includes doors and windows
  • Though-wall HVAC
  • Standard electric
  • Can be delivered fully assembled
  • Government and military installations
  • Airports
  • Theme parks
  • Stadiums
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • LPOE booths
  • Fueling stations
  • Corporate facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Public entrances
Reusable - Re-locatable - Expandable
Solar Canopy

why reynolds

As an independent organization, Reynolds is able to provide products from leading manufacturers so you can be assured of high quality products that integrate with your operation. Plus, you'll get Reynolds experienced design and service teams to support you every step of the way - from the planning phase to installation, for the life of the product.

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