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offsite storage

Free up room while retaining access to records and files

file storage
  • Affordable storage

  • 24/7 Access to records

  • Scanned or original document retrieval

  • Box or pallet storage

  • NO hidden fees, NO exorbitant exit fee

  • Access to secure online inventory of your records

Offsite file storage
  • Office files

  • Library stacks

  • Archives 

  • Medical records

  • Legal documents

  • Mortgage files

  • Banking files

  • School records

  • Utility records

  • County and local government records

Medical records storage
  • State-of-the-art warehouse facility

  • Detailed move and retrieval plan for all document types

  • Reduce onsite storage needs

  • Ideal for moves, temporary or long-term storage

  • Full preparation plan for file moves - what, when and how to move to offsite facility

offsite library storage
offsite storage
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