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Enclose machinery for worker protection
Create secured space
Build secure lockers 
Partition areas

wire mesh fencing

fast, affordable, secured spaces

Partitioning secure areas can be quick and inexpensive. The advantage of using mesh guarding and fencing is the flexibility in design to fit in your space, the ability to use existing lighting and ventilation and the quality of Beast Wire that is unmatched in the industry. These structures easy to expand and move.

Protect Workers and Inventory
Rack Safety Guard
Keep materials from falling - protect employees - reduce damage - meet fire safety code compliance standards
driver/security enclosure
Wire Mesh Machine Enclosure
machine enclosure
Wire Mesh Secured Structure
secured area
Wire Mesh Door
Wire Mesh Door
limitless designs
  • Warehouse rack guarding to prevent falling inventory
  • Property and evidence storage for police stations
  • Locking doors to secure entryways
  • Secure student and staff storage on college campuses
  • Personnel lockers
  • Guarding to protect areas from forklift damage
  • "Instant" secured rooms 
  • Secure high value inventory
  • Maintenance tool crib enclosures
  • Robotic and machine guarding
Secured Wire Mesh Enclosure
secured enclosure
Industrial Guarding
Wire Mesh Fencing
easy to assemble
Wire Mesh Lockers
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