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file and office storage

office storage that saves space put your finger on files and information quickly

Free up space and improve access to documents and information with storage solutions that fit your space, needs and budget. For paper files, we have all the supplies you need to keep records organized and eliminate misfiles.

High Density systems double storage capacity

Fixed and high density box shelves keep inactive files organized in a small space

Secure sensitive documents and information in locked cabinets and shelves

Vertical carousels speed retrieval

Barcode tracking prevents lost files and creates audit trails

Ensure HIPPA and SOX compliance

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why Reynolds

Since 1970 Reynolds Business Systems has been helping customers store and retrieve parts, inventory, files, media, tools and equipment more efficiently. They've realized quick pay back times and benefits beyond their expectations.

Our experienced staff will consult with you about your problems, goals, constraints, budget and time frame. We will design a system to achieve these goals, provide long term solutions, and address your specific constraints, within budget and on time.

Reynolds award-winning, factory trained service team is always on call.

 Santander Bank planned to open a high-profile Consumer Operations Center at the corner of Fifth and Penn Streets in Reading, PA.  Part of this plan was the need to store thousands of files in the most efficient manner possible while reusing existing equipment to minimize cost.

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Santander Bank - Consumer Division

Northampton County contacted
Reynolds Business Systems to determine the
feasibility of bringing their archive back in-house.
The dealer assisted the county with finding a
suitable building near the courthouse, designing
a high-density storage system to both maximize
space and accommodate growth as well as
developing a plan for transferring the materials.

Northampton County Archives

other services we provide
Docment Imaging Services
Off site storage services

imaging services

Scanning files and records, books, drawings, archival items, microfilm, whatever materials you need scanned, Reynolds is equipped to handle it. With over 45 years of scanning experience, our team will aid  you in determining what to scan, set up indexing parameters based on your access needs, pick up the materials, do all of the scanning and return digital files to you. No need to worry about access while we have your records, any document can be retrieved and delivered to you. Visit our Information Management site here.

imaging hardware and software

Ready to set up scanning in your office? Need a new microfilm reader/printer? Reynolds has the knowledge, hardware and software you need to get started, or upgrade your current operation. Whether files, documents, books, maps and drawings, or electronic files, Reynolds has over 45 years of experience in scanning and setting organizations up to do their own scanning.  We will guide you on how to decide what to scan, how to index materials so they're easy to find when you need them, how to scan so images are complete and clear and train and support you on all the hardware and software. Visit our document imaging site here.

off site storage

When you're out of room let us do the storage for you in our state-of-the-art storage facility. Reynolds will coordinate and plan what, when and how to move. When you need to retrieve something, we'll scan the materials and electronically deliver them or pull the originals and them to you - all within hours. It couldn't be easier.

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