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Supply chain is the greatest cost for hospitals and medical providers. The pressure to deliver quality care while reducing costs has never been higher. Reynolds specializes in helping healthcare organizations manage costs through optimized storage and improved workflows throughout your organization.

Space Savings through better utilization of existing space, eliminating the need for large stock rooms and storage expansion


Secure and Protected supplies with enclosed storage and full access controls


Reduced Inventories through high performing, integrated inventory management applications within storage systems that tie seamlessly with existing IT programs


Increased Efficiency and Productivity with highly organized workspaces that eliminate long walks and lengthy searches to retrieve supplies


Decreased Staffing Expense with goods-to-worker workflows, rather than worker-to-goods


Easy Implementation of Regulatory Requirements for storage as well as smoother audits


Increased Revenue and Profits with OR's that run on schedule, reduced staff, leaner inventories and happier patients


Reduced Worker Injury Rates, fatigue and dissatisfaction with more organized workspaces


Quick Access to needed supplies and more staff time with patients


union hospital reduces costs and increases surgical department efficiency

When Union Hospital adopted a central core approach to its new Department of Surgery they faced a tough challenge​










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why Reynolds

Reynolds has the latest and most innovative solutions for the Healthcare Industry.  From compact, secured units for Sterile Supply and Pharmacy, to movable shelving for Medical Records and Central Storage, to workstations that allow fast, easy access to supplies right at the point-of-care.


Reynolds has been helping area hospitals with their storage needs for over 40 years. Our team will walk you through every step of identifying areas of concern and improvement, to developing full plans including an ROI analysis and detailed installation mapping so you can rest assured downtime is minimmzed and there are no burdens on your staff.  Our award winning Service Department is on call 24/7 should you need them.

St Luke’s University Health System’s busy pediatric office was seeing a high number of patient visits and call volume daily.  The staff needed quick access to patient health information and re-filing had to be fast and easy so files would be put back in place quickly.

St. Luke's Health Network

Finding room to store hospital beds is always a challenge. A downtown hospital needed to add more bed storage without expanding the current space. Starting with 4 three-high Bedlifts, they consolidated bed storage into a fraction of the space. Now beds are easy to access and it helps with JCAHO compliance.

Philladelphia Hospital

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