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parts and tool storage

high density drawers, cabinets and workstations

Protect Tools and Parts
Custom Workstations
Keep Tools and Parts In Arms Reach
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made by professionals for profesionals

High density drawers and cabinets will keep your parts and tools protected, organized and within easy reach for workers.

Solutions range from free standing units to fully customized workstations. Quality is unmatched with sturdy and durable high gauge steel, full extension drawers that can hold up to 400 lbs., and door/drawer hinges that can withstand daily abuse.

High density drawers

High Density Drawers

High density drawers can be installed in mobile/fixed workstations, toolboxes and shelving units to provide easy access to parts and tools. A drawer can hold up to 400 lbs. They are fully extendable so even items at the back are easily accessible and units can be locked. Dividers are completely flexible and can be easily reconfigured when you need to.

  • Widths - 22", 30", 36 7/8", 45" 60"

  • Height from 29" to 59"

  • Variety of dividers

  • One piece welded construction

  • Adjustable channels allow for flexibility in drawer arrangements and heights

  • Smooth and easy operation

Modular Drawer
Ciocca Mini Parts



You'll find more standard features than competitors - stainless steel accents STANDARD, the industry's strongest tool drawers with quite self-close feature STANDARD, upper cabinets that require minimal effort to open with self-close mechanism STANDARD and placement storage that's been researched to reduce technician's footsteps and speed up service.

Plus, you'll get the advantage of a 3D rendering of the design using proprietary software, CONFIGURA®.  Configura ties together many factors that are key to a successful project and makes planning and approving designs simple.  You'll see how everything comes together before production with the ability to view updated costs in real-time as designs are created and modified.  They'll be no surprises at the end.

  • Drawers with the best slides in the industry - 110% drawer extension (easy to reach the back of drawers)

  • Upper cabinet doors you can lift with one hand - without torquing or twisting
  • Locks with removable core to change easily (and they can be keyed individually or alike)
  • Lift and reel cabinets that feature know-out-back and bottom panels for easy installation of utilities
Modular Drawer Toobox

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combination units

It's easy to create the storage you need with products that are easy to configure and reconfigure. Combinations of shelves, drawers, cabinets and counter tops can easily be put together. In fact, with most you can add or change up the combinations in the future. Like adding locking doors to shelves, adding drawers to existing shelving, adding casters and outfitting with workstations. We can even configure work areas that can accommodate hoses and tubing right into the workstation. These solutions are perfect whether you need to build out a store room or add drawer space in a small parts room.

Modular Drawers
Modular Drawers
Ciocca Mini Parts
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