property and evidence storage

Protecting evidence with secure, space savings storage

Adhere to chain-of-custody protocol every time
Ensure secure property and evidence from hand-off until disposition
Eliminate "lost" evidence
Properly maintain and preserve all evidence
Consolidate to a central location
Maintain an accurate inventory of items
Preview Beast Wire mesh secure panels here
Property and Evidence Lockers

organizing property and evidence and procedures simplifed

While organizing property and evidence may not be the most exciting thing on the to-do list, it's the area where many law enforcement organizations have fallen short with dire consequences. Damaged or contaminated evidence, breaks in the chain of custody, improperly stored evidence and worst of all, missing evidence are most often due to improper storage which leads to break downs in procedures.

The world of property and evidence is changing dramatically with advances in DNA technology and the range of cases making their way through law enforcement departments. All while most offices are facing cutbacks and space and aging infrastructure challenges.

Putting highly efficient and organized storage solutions in your facility (current or new construction) is easy and affordable. With well-organized space, procedures are easier to follow, security is enhanced, evidence is properly stored and there is room to store everything from hair samples to bicycles.

Wire mesh panels

See how wire mesh panels, doors and lockers can secure materials in any location in your facility.

Wire Lockers
Wire Guarding
Wire Mesh Panels
  • Weapons storage
  • Evidence storage
  • Narcotics storage
  • Securing records
  • Holding cells
  • Entryway security
pass through lockers
Ensure temporary storage of received property and evidence is securely transferred from officer or detective to the property and evidence room.  By simplifying the procedure, items don't wind up in desk drawers, cars or random closets.  Pass-through and non-pass through lockers make it easy to quickly put evidence and paperwork in a secure environment for logging and storage.  End of shift will be that much simpler.
Simply bag and label evidence and deposit into an empty locker, any time without waiting for additional personnel
Maintain chain of custody - once evidence is placed in a locker it can only be retrieved from authorized personnel in the evidence room
Keyless entry eliminates lost keys and misplaced items
Pass Through Lockers

general evidence storage

Open shelves, bins and cabinets keep items neat and organized.  Variable sized units can accommodate a wide range of items and when space is tight, high density movable shelving allows 50% more storage capacity in the same floor space as traditional shelving.
Gain up to 80% more storage in your current space with high-density units
Wide range of bin sizes and configurations ensure small items don't get lost
Variable size shelving can accommodate boxes, bulky items, there is a size for everything
Modular Exterior Building
Modular Exterior Building

Quick to deliver/install and affordable modular storage for interior and exterior.

Movable Pallet Rack
Movable Pallet Rack

High Density Movable Shelving adds 80% more capacity

Wire Mesh Panels
Wire Mesh Panels

Wire mesh panels can enclose property and evidence and can be designed to fit your space.

Fence Enclosures
Fence Enclosures

Secure bikes in enclosed wire cages.

Box Shelving
Box Shelving

Steel shelving can keep boxes, bins, files, supplies.

Wire Bin Shelving
Wire Bin Shelving

Bins organize everything from big to small, making more space on your shelves.

Wide Span Shelving
Wide Span Shelving

Wide span shelving holds long and awkward to store items like car parts and tires.

Lateral Mobile Aisle
Lateral Mobile Aisle

Bi and tri-slider shelving adds extra storage in small spaces.


Add second story storage with a mezzanine.

climate controlled storage
When environment is critical to preserving evidence, including a climate controlled, secure storage unit within the evidence room makes it easy to follow guidelines and protocols.
Highly variable configurations to meet your department's needs
Ensure all standards and regulations are met
Secure some of the most critical evidence and protect from contamination and deterioration
Climate Controlled Storage Cabinets

why reynolds

As an independent organization, Reynolds is able to provide customized solutions for law enforcement and public service organizations from a variety of leading manufacturers.  You won't be stuck with a one-size-fits-all solution.  Reynolds provides high quality products that work together throughout your facility.

Plus, you'll get Reynolds experienced storage systems design and service teams to support you every step of the way - from the planning phase to ongoing service for the life of the product.