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high density storage

double storage capacity with industrial grade movable shelving

Storage that maximizes space while maintaining accessibility
Built for heavy duty use 
Flexibility to accommodate bin materials to large industrial items
High Density Industrial Shelving

reclaim valuable floor space

Floor space is valuable. Initial construction or on-going lease costs are significant and when you factor in overhead costs such as insurance, HVAC, and maintenance, you find that every square foot becomes a significant drag on the bottom line.
The High-Density concept is simple.  By putting shelving, racking, cabinets, anything you currently store, onto rails, you eliminate wasted aisle space.  And with the latest designs from leading manufacturers, access is simple and durability is unbeatable.  Most installations will double your storage capacity. Or, allow you to fit your existing storage in half the space.

Systems range in size from tiny 6' x 6' closets to entire warehouses. And they are compatible with storage of everything from files, instruments and sporting equipment, to raw materials and pallets.  Whether you have a warehouse that's bursting at the seams or a need to free up space for production lines or offices, there high-density configurations will meet your needs.


High Density Shelving
warehouse bulk storage
High Density Heavy Duty Movable Shelving
heavy duty shelving
Equipto Prisma pallet-rack-mobile-shelving
pallet storage
Lateral Mobile Aisle
narrow spaces
Light Duty Racking
light duty industrial
High Bay Storage
high bay storage

BRAND NEW -Prima system
industrial high-density mobile storage systems

Finally a high density movable system that can handle pallets with ease. By eliminating aisles you add 75% more storage capacity. Or, reduce your current footprint by over 50%, but keep the same amount of storage space. All without sacrificing access to stored products.

These systems will improve space utilization and productivity in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, fulfillment and distribution centers, automotive, military and law enforcement.

forklift accessible

Loads up to 150,000 lbs per rack section

75% more storage capacity

cost effective

Equipto Prisma pallet-rack-mobile-shelving

easy to use

multiple safety features

Safety Features

  • Aisle Lock and Safety Sweeps

  • E-Stop of Carriages

  • Optional: Alarms and Warning Lights

  • Fire Safety

  • Overload Protection

  • System Diagnostics

  • Aisle Occupancy Sensors

  • Programable audilbe safety signal

  • Floor level photo sweep and emergency stop on each keypad

  • Color coded access keys available


Prima Cover Image.

features and Benefits

  • Made in USA

  • Barrier Free Rail

  • Fully welded, durable carriage bases

  • Multiple drive systems

  • Use existing pallet racks

  • 15,000 lbs per section - total capacity for five section long carriage - 150,000 lbs


  • Heights: up to 30'

  • Depths: 42", 48", 54" and 60"

  • Widths: 72", 96", 108", 140"

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Carisam, Ltd Case Study

See how luxury distributor Carisam created 70% more storage capacity in their existing space, using existing pallet rack. Read the study here.

why reynolds

As an independent organization, Reynolds is able to provide high density systems from the leading manufacturers, allowing us to design the best system for each project. And because we have a strong working relationship with all of our manufacturers we can leverage thier resources for you with consultation on all project phases including design, shipping, inside delivery/rigging, installation and on-going service.

Plus, you'll get Reynolds experienced materials handling design and service teams to support you every step of the way - from the planning phase to ongoing service for the life of the product.


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