vertical lifts/vlm

high speed picking 

Increase productivity up to 400%
Improve inventory accuracy to 99.9%
Streamline workflows 
Reduce or eliminate travel to retrieve and stock inventory
Increase storage capacity by 60% in current space
fast, intelligent order picking

automated vertical solutions prove highly efficient

Whether you are in a high volume pick operation, Maintenance in a production facility or looking for high efficient/quick access inventory storage, automated Rotomats, Lean-Lifts  and Multi-Space units can take your operation to the next level.

       Increase pick productivity up to 400%

       Reduce pick time to under 10 seconds

       Increase inventory accuracy up to 99.9%

       Gain 60% more storage capacity in the same space

       Reduce labor cost up to 2/3

       Enhance maintenance functions with automated repair and maintain "kits" that deliver all tools,            parts and equipment for emergencies and routine maintenance

These are real results realized by warehousing and manufacturing companies across the world utilized Hanel automed systems.  In addition, you'll reduce worker injury rates by elminating bending, climbing and traveling for stock and protect valuable inventory with enclosed units.


The concept is simple - a steel enclosure with shelves rotating like a ferris wheel. Units can be up to 60' tall to utilize otherwise wasted air space. Materials are delivered to a convenient work counter to prevent the need for operators to travel, climb, bend or reach when retrieving parts. 

industrial automated storage

vertical lifts/vlm

effimat high speed picking

With Intelligent Box Mover Technology, the EffiMat is four times more efficient than traditional VLMs. Operating both vertically and horizontally, the unit utilizes vertical height to store more inventory where you need it and delivers it at high speed (up to 5 different boxes in each cycle).

  • 200 boxes per hour

  • Minimize pick errors

  • Reduce footprint by up to 75%

  • Varying height dividable bins/boxes

  • Limited planning of product locations

  • Integration between multiple EffiMat units, robots and conveyors

4X faster

than other vlms

rotomat vertical carousels

Rotomat in action

The concept is simple - a steel enclosure with shelves rotating like a ferris wheel. Units can be up to 60' tall to utilize otherwise wasted air space. Materials are delived to a convenient work counter, preventing the need for operators to travel, climb, bend or reach when retrieving parts.  

best for:

  • High pick areas

  • Maintenance

  • Storing highly valuable inventory

  • Tight inventory control

  • Compliance and regulation

  • Production automation and integration

vertical lean-lift and multi purpose

The automaed 'high-bay warehouse in a cabinet'

Fast storage and retrieval times with high storage density, even when articles have different heights. Based on the goods to worker model (instead of man to goods) saves time and labor expense. 

At the center of this closed system is a computer-controlled positioning lift - the 'extractor'.  In front of it and behind it are thes torage shelves.  This is where the articles are stored in containers.  Storage locations are accessed automatically under electronic conrtol.  Goods are delivered to the retrieval area at

These heavy-duty machines are perfect for bulky and heavy parts with a load-beaering capacity of up to 2,208 lbs per tray and 132,450 lbs per Lean Lift.

Best For:

  • Heavy and bulky inventory items

  • Climate-controlled storage - for clean storage, humidity control and refrigeration to -14º C.

  • Pick and Pack Operations

  • Medial Technology

  • E-Commerce distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Electrical engineering

  • Automotive Dealerships and Factories

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

automated storage delivers:

Improved order-picking performance

High economic efficiency and cost saving

Protection of inventory

Climate control options

Ease of compliance

Space savings over 60%

Improved inventory accuracy

industrial lean lift
industrial rotomat
hanel advantages

Hanel Storage Systems, Inc.

Since the 1950s, Hanel has been recoginized as the innovator in the industrial storage marketplace. Hanel's US headquarters is in Pittsburgh, PA which provides parts and technical support to US customers. 


Hanel has grown rapidly in recently years and is now the largest supplier of its kind to the US Federal Goverment. Hanel's reputation for quality and longevity of system installations is unsurpased.

Hanel's support infrastructure is supplimented by the ISDA dealer network. The ISDA network consists of 77 independent businesses throughout North America that provide local, on-site support to nearly all locations.  Reynolds is your local supplier for Hanel equipment and all ISDA manufacturers.

Integrated Inventory control for accuracy and security


Whether you use the Hänel storage systems as stand-alone solution with integrated inventory management or want to integrate the control units into a higher-level ERP system – Hanel's controllers offer a variety of capabilities.  


Advanced features such as the optimization run automatically eliminate any unused space that may have arisen, or the Access Priority Factor which stores frequently requested containers closer to the access point than those needed less often, are only two examples of the many highlights of Hänel control systems.

Features & Options

Advanced Access Point Features for speed and safety


The access opening Integrates safety features ensure optimal personal protection at all times.


Integrated LED compartment and sub-compartment indicators are integrated into the work counter to speed material location and reduce errors. 


The Hänel Rotomat® is fitted with a smooth-action, lockable sliding door. This protects the goods from dust and dirt as well as from unauthorized access.

Multifunction Carriers for flexible storage options


Customized interior fittings, tailored to the individual demands of production systems and storage logistics. The mechanical parts and carrier sets are configured according to the size and weight of the materials. This flexibility that makes the Hänel Rotomat highly cost-effective. The Hänel multifunction carriers offer you customized, variable interior fittings that can be adapted effortlessly to your personal needs and the different article heights. This achieves maximum compaction of the storage volume.

Twin Motor Design for longer wear


The drive systems of all Hänel Rotomat® carousels are housed inside the carousel casing. This ensures optimal freedom of movement in front of the carousel. Almost all Hänel Rotomat® industrial storage carousels are equipped with twin motors. This guarantees less wear and quieter running. The right and left drive motors are controlled synchronously. The simultaneous acceleration and braking of the two drives means that the multifunction carriers are moved without distortion. The twin motor design also ensures optimal balance if the load on the carrier is distributed unevenly.

Stable Carrier Suspension System for easy access


The Hänel Rotomat® carrier suspension is designed according to the sliding carriage principle so that the carriers are suspended from 4 levers on 4 rollers on left and right.

lean-lift Integrated Camera


A camera integrated in the Lean-Lift takes a photo of the container each time a transaction is carried out.

A fixed number of pictures is archived per container so that inventory changes on the container can be tracked.


With the photographic information, an article on a container can be identified directly from the control unit and brought to the access point.




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