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Professional Services

Access to stored materials is essential to every organization.  Access can be compromised If an automated or even manual storage system is malfunctioning - the result is lost time, productivity and revenue. A local, well trained support staff will assure your system is installed and maintained properly. A well maintained system is less likely to malfunction. However when service is needed, a local provider is required for fast response.


Dispatched from Allentown, Reynolds full time technical services staff is factory trained by our major manufacturers and averages 20+ years of experience. Our staff also works closely with the device manufacturers for fast access to parts and technical support. Reynolds also maintains a backup support network of installers and service technicians in the event our staff is overbooked.


Our services include:

Site Evaluation

Storage systems range from simple shelving sections to very large automated systems up to 60' tall. Regardless of the equipment, a pre-installation site assessment is essential to be sure the equipment can be delivered, installed and maintained correctly. Evaluations include ERP/barcode/RFID integration, receiving space & logistics, installation clearances, power requirements, installation equipment, workforce utilization and a variety of other criteria.


Reynolds' installers are certified by our manufacturers and follow all their recommended procedures in addition to local codes, site restrictions, safety procedures, work rules and other requirements.

System Programming and Interface

Many of our systems have embedded controllers that must be programmed with knowledge of both the manufacturer and end user requirements. Further, many systems can be interfaced with users ERP/barcode/RFID systems.  Reynolds' staff has the capability to work with customer systems and data to create a fully integrated storage system.

On Going Service & Preventive Maintenance

Reynolds provides on going, long term support for all of our systems. Our staff not only repair equipment issues but also perform regular (typically three times annually) preventive maintenance to keep systems working at maximum potential and help reduce unexpected down time.

Materials Storage Specialists
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