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store 80% more auto parts safely and securely

Store more parts onsite
Quickly access inventory
Reduce damage and theft
Variable sizes and configurations 
Protects your valuable inventory
Auto Parts Storage

keep more parts onsite and quickly accessible

Keeping techs working on cars and not constantly running for parts will improve your bottom line.  A single Lean Lift unit will securely store 80% more parts without adding space.  That frees up valuable square footage for more important uses like customer lounges and additional service bays.

       Eliminate techs hunting through warehouses and storage for parts

       Increase inventory accuracy up to 99.9%

       Gain 60% more storage capacity in the same space

       Increase productivity by 30%

       Improve worker safety by eliminating bending, climbing and traveling for parts

       Improve security and protection of inventory

       Average pay back time on investment is 11 months

The concept is simple - a steel enclosure with shelves rotating like a ferris wheel. Units can be up to 60' tall to utilize otherwise wasted air space. Materials are delivered to a convenient work counter to prevent the need for techs to travel, climb, bend or reach when retrieving parts.  

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Auto Parts Storage
Auto Parts Storage
parts easily accessed and inventoried
  • Store parts in bins or on open shelves

  • Touch screen control integrates with corporate ERP or WMS

  • Real-time part description search and order details

  • Easily integrates with barcode readers, ID badge readers and quantity scales and printers

  • Integrates with DMS - systems share SKU and Description updates - NO manual entry

  • Small parts organized with bins

  • Large and heavy items easily accessed by forklift

  • Locking units keep valuable inventory safe

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