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tire storage

store 70% more tires

Store up to 352 tires in a single unit
Quickly access inventory
Fits tires up to 44"
Store multiple sizes in one unit
Increase worker safety

Watch the tire carousel in action

Storing and retrieving tires is one of the toughest storage challenges.  They're heavy and bulky to store and move, come in all variety of sizes, brands and models, and put a strain on the staff.  One Vidir tire carousel can eliminate most problems your dealing with at a very affordable price.

      Store up to 352 tires in a single carousel

       Eliminate hunting through warehouses and storage rooms

       Increase worker safety

       Stock 70% more tires in your current space

       Expand the number of SKU's you can carry in inventory

       Improve worker safety by eliminating bending, climbing and traveling

       Built-to-fit specifications

This motorized vertical carousel is designed for high density storage and retrieval of tires.  The system can be semi or fully automated and will maximize overhead space, saving your valuable floor space for more profitable and productive uses. By delivering tires at an ergonomically friendly height, productivity is improved and worker injuries and fatigue greatly reduced.

Vertical Tire Storage

keep more tires onsite and

quickly accessible

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