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auto parts shelving

organize and protect valuable auto parts inventory

Variety of designs customized to fit your needs
Durable steel units last 
Increase storage capacity
Increase worker safety
Ciocca Mini Parts
Auto parts storage presents some real challenges.  From bulky bumpers, to small parts, batteries, mufflers and everything else you need in stock, managing the storage of this inventory presents real challenges.  Reynolds has been designing and installing storage solutions for area companies for over 45 years.  We can design a solution for you that fits your budget, your space and accomplishes your goals. Don't keep wasting valuable floor space and productivity with crowded stock rooms.

       Eliminate hunting through warehouses and storage rooms

       Improve worker safety with organized parts storage

       Customized design improves workflow

keep more parts and inventory onsite and quickly accessible

speed parts delivery with a mini parts station

Locate hundreds of parts right on the shop floor with a Mini Parts Station. Ideal for fast moving parts, recall items, refurbishing and the collision center.

These units are completely flexible in design to fit your needs and space. And, they can be expanded and moved in the future.

  • Utilizing existing HVAC and lighting

  • Customize shelf sizes and drawers

  • Computer station to integrate with main parts department

  • Service counter that's easy for techs to access

  • Secure with wire mesh partitions

Mini Parts Station

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see how one auto dealer affordably
doubled storage space

A familiar story - this auto dealer had run out of space to store large parts. Adding to their existing building was limited and quite expensive. Problem solved by adding a mezzanine over work bays in the auto body repair shop. They didn't have to interfere with existing work space as this would be costly. There were existing electrical lines, air lines and exhaust pipes to consider and work around to keep costs down. The column locations had minimal interference with their work area.


Now the dealership has the necessary space for storage without affecting revenue in the production space.


Adding a second story where you didn't think you had room is very inexpensive, quick to build and will immediately have you up and running.

Auto Dealer Mezzanine Storage
high density drawers, cabinets and workstations

Completely customizable cabinets, drawers, workstations and work benches to store tools and parts. These units can be purchased as standalone stations or as drawer and cabinet inserts for shelving units, giving you ultimate flexibility in design.

Equipto Auto Workstation
High density drawers and shelves
High Density Drawers
Equipto Workbench for Auto
Mini Mezzanine
Mini Mezzanine

Ideal solution for adding storage in tight spaces. Starting with a platform and stairs, you can build a two story structure utilizing shelving, drawers and cabinets.

  • Available in 7 standard and 49 specialty color combinations

  • Self-supporting mezzanine

  • Forkliftable base

  • Diamond plated steel decking and stairs

  • Easily configured to fit your space

  • Customize with shelves, cabinets and drawers

  • Add branding and logos

lateral mobile shelving

Lateral mobile shelving is the ideal solution for fitting more in tight spaces like hallways, closets, office areas and existing storage areas. They will be configured to fit your space so you'll get maximum storage in the space you have.

2 Deep Lateral File

2 Deep

Double Capacity

3 Deep Lateral Shelving

3 Deep

Triple Capacity

4 Deep Lateral Shelving

4 Deep

Quadruple Capacity

  • Double, triple, even quadruple storage capacity

  • Integrate shelves, drawers and cabinets

  • Customize dimensions and colors

  • Easy operation

  • Anti-tip top heavy units don't fall forward when doors and drawers are open

  • Standard shelving depths - 12", 15" and 18"

  • Standard shelving widths - 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48"

Tire Storage
Auto Parts Storage
Auto Parts Storage
Auto Parts Shelving
Auto Hanging Parts Storage
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