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storage bins, totes and containers

organize your stuff

Quickly locate inventory, even the tiniest items
Industrial grade materials ensure durability
Easily labled and barcoded for quick access
Variable sizes and configurations 
Protects your valuable inventory
Hopper Front Containers

bins and containers configured for any storage application

Optimize your storage space with the ultimate in flexibility.  Reynolds provides industry-leading hanging and stacking storage bins to accommodate even your toughtest organizationl needs. 

Whether you are implementing a highly automated storage and retrieval system or a simple shelving configuration, utilizing the correct containers will allow for the efficient use of the equipment and assure that you are maximizing the effectiveness of your investment. 

Heavy-duty industrial grade polymer ensures durability

Corrosion-proof and unaffected by weak acids and alkalis

Wide range of labeling options, dividers and lids allow ultimate flexibility with your system

Easily identifiable colors, barcoding and labeling allow for fast access

Affordable custom containers, even in small quantities

How a manufacturer added 50% more storage capacity to existing shelving
Bin Storage Article

shelf bins

Keep storage shelves organized, protect inventory and make everything easy to find and access.

  • Clear view bins

  • Stackable shelf bins

  • Extra wide/Extra long options

  • Dividable grid containers

  • Conductive bins

  • Multi color bins

  • Hang bins

  • Pallet sleeves

  • Wire bins

  • Food safe

Divider Shelf Bins
Flexcon conductive_tote_edited.png
Strorage Bins

conveyor and as/rs bins, totes, containers

Get the most out of your automated equipment with compatible, heavy duty bins designed specifically for automated storage and retrieval units. These bins will work with virtually any conveyor, mini-load or ASRS system.

  • Sizes up to 48 x 30

  • Made from heavy duty plastic

  • Designed to meet deflection criteria

  • Available with smooth sides

VLM Dividers
Conveyor Tote

medical bins

Full selection of bins designed specifically for medical facilities.

  • Catheter bins and metal wire carts

  • Transport bins and carts

  • Bins autoclavable up to 250 degrees

  • Housekeeping and laundry bins

  • Specially designed pharmacy bins

Catheter Bins

bin racks and carts

Create free-standing or attached inventory solutions

  • Wall mounted shelves and wire systems allow for high visibility

    • Peg board mount​

    • Louvered plastic wall mount

    • Wire wall mount

  • Free standing systems

    • Wire shelves​

    • Metal cabinets with doors/locks

    • Mobile shelving

    • Variable sized carts, stationary and mobile

  • Free standing containers on canisters or wheeled dollies

movable bin truck
Magnum Bin on Wheels
Bin Storack Racks
why buy bins from reynolds?

ISelecting and buying bins for your warehouse, stockroom, office space or manufacturing facility may not be your biggest concern, but ensuring containers are flexible in design, fit with your facilitie's production flow and made from quality materials, will enusre you don't pull your hair out when cheap bins sag and collapse in use and wear out in a short period. And when not configured correctly, space is not maximized because bins are taking up all of the room and inventory and materials are damaged because of lack of proper storage.

Reynolds takes all of the guesswork out of these decisions.  We have partnerd with the two leading bin manufactueres to make sure you get a quality product and custom tailord solution at an affordable price.

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