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Vertical lifts and carousels

Expand capacity by 50%+ 
Secure valuable goods
Increase production speed
Provide ergonomically friendly goods to worker delivery
Improve inventory accuracy
Improve pick accuracy and speed
Wire Carousel
Wire Carousel

Store, retrieve and dispense directly from the unit. Great for wire, cable, rope, chain and other materials stored on spools or reels.

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Sheet Metal Lift
Sheet Metal Lift

Safely store heavy sheets of material and improve output by 15-20%. And you'll store more in the space you have.

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Shelving Carousel
Shelving Carousel

Affordable and highly configurable to store parts, tools, equipment and inventory.

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EffiMat ClassicMat
EffiMat ClassicMat

Industrial strength vertical carousel stores 50% more inventory for easy access. Fully integrated inventory management system.

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EffiMat HospiMat
EffiMat HospiMat

The EffiMat Vertical Lift provides high speed picking in minimal floor space. This unit is 4X faster than traditional VLMs on the market.

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Pan Carousel
Pan Carousel

Increase storage up to 70%. Easy to configure interchangeable dividers and shelves to fit a wide range of SKU's.

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Store 50-70% more in your current space by leveraging ceiling height

Protect valuable inventory from theft and damage with secured, locking units

Greatly improve inventory accuracy

Increase production rates with fast retrieval and goods-to-worker delivery

Increase worker safety with ergonomically delivered materials

Get up to speed quickly with simple operation and intuitive interfaces

Automated vertical storage units have never been more practical or affordable.

There are now many models and price points to help you gain all the advantages of automation. All high quality, durable and easy to use. Most of these units can be customized to fit your specific need, when necessary.

gain the advantage with vertical storage
EffiMat VLM
effimat how it works

Solutions for:



High speed picking

Heavy and over-sized items

Mulit-use warehouses

ERP/Inventory integration

Securing inventory

Climate controlled storage





Sheet Metal
See more on the EffiMat here
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Wire and spool
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industrial lift
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Hollow Core
Industrial Carousel
See more on Bed Lifts here
Pan Carousel
Pharmaceutical Lift

Services We Provide

Full Service Design

Site Evaluation



Pricing (with options)


Multiple Configurations

Manufacturer Options

Cost Options



With Existing Systems


Other Suppliers

Other Departments

Hassle Free Delivery

On Time

On Budget




why Reynolds

Since 1970 Reynolds Business Systems has been helping customers store and retrieve parts, inventory, files, media, tools and equipment more efficiently. They've realized quick pay back times and benefits beyond their expectations.

Our experienced staff will consult with you about your problems, goals, constraints, budget and time frame. We will design a system to achieve these goals, provide long term solutions, and address your specific constraints, within budget and on time.

Reynolds award-winning, factory trained service team is always on call.

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