pharmacy storage

Reduce Pharmacy costs
Minimize inventory and improve accuracy
Reduce medication errors
Expand storage capacity in current space
Improve point-of-care medicine administration

reduce pharmacy cost while increasing productivity and medication accuracy

With the soaring cost of medicine, pharmacies are under great pressures to reduce costs. By looking beyond the cost of medicine you can realizing significant efficiencies and savings.  Pharmacy storage is an often-over-looked area of leverage. Reynolds provides customized designs and state-of-the art, affordable solutions from leading manufacturers who specialize in pharmacy storage.

Reduced need for expansion and store 60% more supplies in your current space. Automated and high density storage units take advantage of unused vertical height (out-of-reach areas) and eliminate aisles.


Quicker access and increased productivity by eliminating long walks, climbing and bending to retrieve medicines and supplies. Inventory accuracy will soar and more medicines can be stored and accurately dispensed on patient floors.

Reduce inventory levels with integrated inventory software.

Reduce and eliminate expired medicines.

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Reducing Errors in the
Last 100 Feet of Medication


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Featured Solutions

automated vertical storage

  • Increase storage capacity by 65% vs. traditional storage

  • Achieve 99%+ inventory accuracy 

  • Eliminate medicines past their expiration date

  • Fast stocking and retrieval times

  • Internal inventory integrates with existing inventory systems

  • Improves workflow and productivity

Ideal For:
  • cramped spaces
  • active medicines that require frequent access
  • dispensing
  • sensitive medicines that require security and audit trails
  • queuing inventory for robots

high density shelving

  • Easy to move shelving on movable tracks

  • Flexible design accommodates shelves, bins and hooks to store a wide variety of packaging requirements

  • Expandable for future growth

  • Stores 50% more inventory than traditional shelving

  • Fast stocking and retrieval times

  • Reduces errors with greater visibility to medicines

Ideal For:
  • Bulk and semi-active inventory
  • pharmacy records storage
  • cramped space

mobile dispensing carts

Automated Storage in Action

Ideal For:
  • dispensing medication in patient rooms
  • anywhere fast dispensing is critical to patient safety and satisfaction
  • Reduce errors with mobile units that don't require nurses to travel long distances with medications in hand.  Carts can be moved directly to patient room.

  • Integrates with any HL& compliant hospital information system

  • Automatically captures dispensing, usage and billing information for faster and more accurate reimbursement

  • Multiple levels of security from seals to full featured electronic locking with audit trails

  • Highly configurable

  • Easier end of shift counts

shelving and racking

  • Several styles and sizes available for maximum flexibility to fit needs and space requirements.

  • Well organized inventory provides greater access and visibility to medicines, reducing errors and improving productivity

  • Easily modified to fit expansion

your guarantee

Reynolds offers integrated solutions for the challenges facing Pharmacy and Supply Chain Departments. We guarantee a plan tailored to your specific needs using the highest quality products, all backed up by our award winning service and unrivaled transition team.  


Often managers are daunted by the thought of transitioning an entire department to a new system - training, workload, downtime. Rest assured that when working with Reynolds there will be no guesswork getting everything implemented - every last detail will be laid out for you. A consistent comment we get from customers, "Reynolds made this a no-brainer. I didn't have to think about how to transition or implement my new process or equipment."  We will do the same for you, just call us at 610-398-9080 or click here for an on-line request form.



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