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General Storage

Expand storage by up to 85%

Quickly locate inventory and files

Affordable solutions for all departments
High Density File Storage

Increase storage capacity up to 55%

While paper and record storage in healthcare is disappearing quickly, there are still charts, lab and imaging results, and patient records to be physically stored. Keeping records storage space to a minimum is imperative.

  • hippa scanning
  • admissions
  • payer reimbursement
  • billing/collections
  • medical records
  • purchasing
  • security
  • information technology
  • human resources
  • accounts payable

automated vertical storage

  • Increase storage capacity by 65% vs. traditional storage

  • Quickly store and retrieve records and labs

  • Improve workflow and productivity

Ideal For:
  • cramped spaces
  • active medical records
  • hard copy lab and imaging results
  • central medical records
Vertical File Storage

high density shelving

High Density File Shelving
  • Easy to move shelving on movable tracks

  • Expandable for future growth

  • Stores 50% more inventory than traditional shelving

  • Fast retrieval times

  • Reduces errors 

Ideal For:
  • active medical records
  • sterile supply/instrument storage
  • medical supplies
  • Medical library
  • pharmacy records
  • cramped space
  • hard copy lab and imaging results
Lateral File Track Shelving

shelving and racking

Automated Storage in Action

  • Several styles and sizes available for maximum flexibility to fit needs and space requirements

  • Easily modified to fit expansion

Rotary File Shelving
Office File Shelving
File shelving
File Shelving
Box Shelving
Ideal For:
  • offices
  • pharmacy records
  • medical library
  • labs and imaging departments
  • bulk record storage

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your guarantee

Reynolds offers records storage solutions from high-tech automated carousels to office and bulk shelving units. Don't waste valuable floor space with paper records.  We provide highly flexible solutions from leading manufacturers.  And if you want to get rid of files altogether, call us about our imaging services.

Often managers are daunted by the thought of transitioning an entire department to a new system - training, workload, downtime. Rest assured that when working with Reynolds there will be no guesswork getting everything implemented - every last detail will be laid out for you. A consistent comment we get from customers, "Reynolds made this a no-brainer. I didn't have to think about how to transition or implement my new process or equipment."  We will do the same for you, just call us at 610-398-9080 or click here for an on-line request form.

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