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hospital bed storage

Clear hallways and egress of overflow beds - meet JCAHO compliance
Move beds closer to patients
Increase bed storage capacity up to 70%
watch the bedlift in action

store 5 beds in just inches more space than a single bed

Clear hallways and empty crowded storage and maintenance areas with bedlifts that increase bed storage capacity by 70%, without building or claiming new space.

Be ready for a JCAHO inspection - these units meet NFPA 101 Life Safety Code

Faster bed retrieval with units located closer to patient care areas

Eliminate moving and shuffling beds in crowded areas

Delivers beds in seconds at the push of a button

Protect expensive beds from damage

This simple concept can deliver significant benefits to your organization.  And Reynolds guarantees the entire process will be easy for you - from assess needs, measuring potential capacity and evaluating your current bed inventory to pricing, installation and service. We have been working with area hospitals and companies for over 45 years, solving storage issues.


deer valley medical center clears beds from hallways

“I’m glad somebody thought of it,” said Lindenmuth. “It solved one of our problems, and whenever you can solve a problem in healthcare, that’s a good thing.”

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Storing 15 beds in Bedlifts saves 483 sq. feet of space vs. conventional storage.
High Density Bed Storage
That space averages a savings of $193,200 vs. new construction

most popular models

Vidir Bed Storage
Side loading unit for hallways
and narrow access areas
Vidir Vertical Bed Storage
Standard bed unit
Holds 3-5 beds
storage solutions for
  • maintenance area
  • emergency department
  • patient floors
  • central bed storage
  • beds
  • stretchers
  • gurneys
  • operating tables
related products
Vidir Vertical Bed Storage
Narrow unit for stretchers, gurneys, operating tables, mattresses

multi-floor bed storage and delivery

Automated Storage in Action

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