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hospital supplies and
general storage

Move supplies closer to point-of-use
Protect inventory
Increase storage capacity without added space
Streamline workflows within and between departments
Reduce cost 
High Density Hospital Storage
LVH- Carbon Patient Supply.JPG

free up valuable space by consolidating storage

With the high cost of hospital space, minimizing requirements for bulk storage is paramount so you can allocate more space to higher revenue generating operations and patient care.  Keeping storage areas consolidated, organized and highly efficient will reduce cost, improve productivity and worker safety, while allowing these important departments to deliver quality services.

Organized patient floor sterile supply rooms with ample inventory

Keep linens organized and clean

Neatly store medical supplies so they are quick to find and free from damage

Enhanced inventory management

Featured products

fully assembled carts

Ready to use off the truck. No touch delivery available.






Double Bin Movable Cart
Mobile Shelving
  • Stationary or Mobile/Casters

  • Several heights and widths available

  • Selection of shelf material - wire, stainless, colors, anti-microbial

  • Configure for bins, open shelf, IV storage, catheter storage, and more

  • Locking casters

  • Bin and shelf combo designs

Peel Pack Storage

Peel Pack Storage shelves keep all sized packs neatly organized and labeled for quick and easy access. Integrate with our Smart Cell Wire shelving

Technibilt Corner wire shelf

Corner Shelf

high density storage

High Density Shelving Systems can increase your storage capacity by up to 80% by eliminating aisles from a traditional shelving layout. Or, if you're tight on space, you can cut your storage area by more than half, freeing up much needed space for other uses.

Borroughs High Density Comparison
  • Use new or your existing shelving, cabinets and storage units - just mount on the rails

  • Options for manual, mechanical assist, or electronic hands-free operation

  • Movable and expandable for future needs (unlike other systems that are grouted to the floor)

  • Highest quality rail systems manufactured to meet seismic regulations as well as a lifetime of flawless and smooth operation

  • Several safety features built in

Lateral Mobile Aisle
Movable Shelving

overhead movable track shelving

Wanzl Technibilt Overhead High Density
  • Built for strength and durability - no flimsy design to give you headaches when trying to move the shelves

  • Accepts all companion shelf types - wire, baskets, solid shelves, suture shelves, etc.

  • Minimum tools needed for assembly

  • Fully adjustable

  • Many configurations available

  • Chrome is electro-plated nickel-chromed for a high gloss finish

  • Easy to reconfigure and re-purpose as necessary

Technibilt Adjustable Shelving
Technibilt Wire Basket
Technibilt Wire Basket

All wire shelving is adaptable with many accessories and conifgurations like cantilever shelves, baskets, basket dividers, and can accommodate solid shelves.

Plus, shelf height is easily adjusted with the simple adjuster. No need to disassemble the shelf section.

more solutions

  • Operating room
  • Catheter Storage
  • housekeeping
  • imaging
  • patient floors
  • central supply
  • catering/food
  • bio medical engineering
  • transportation
  • maintenance
  • supply closets
  • sterile storage
  • peel pack storage
  • surgical kit storage
  • instrument storage
  • pharmacy
  • mobile carts
  • kanban systems
  • automated vertical storage
Housekeeping and Linens

kanban inventory management

The Kanban system utilizes a two-compartment bin to easily stock and and retrieve supplies. 

Kanban Storage System simplifies inventory stocking and retrieval.

vertical lifts for hospital supplies

Multi-floor system delivers supplies to all floors from a single storage location

EffiMat Vertical HospiMat delivers supplies to every floor. Starting at a central stocking location (often in the basement near receiving), goods are loaded into bins on shelves. The unit knows which floor should receive which bins. Staff can retrieve their supplies from a walk up window that accesses the appropriate shelf/bin.

EffiMat ClassicMat stores up to 70% more inventory in small footprint by utilizing vertical height. These units can be located in any area and can tie into your central inventory system for materials tracking and stocking.

ClassicMat carousel stores 70% more using vertical space
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