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point-of-care storage

and workstations

Improve patient satisfaction with fast response
Easily control inventory between floors and across department
Streamline workflows within and between departments
Reduce cost 
Pharmacy Dispensing Cart

increase patient satisfaction, improve workflow and inventory control

Timely, fast and efficient patient care is critical to patient satisfaction.  One element of patient satisfaction is how quickly medical staff can respond to patient needs.  To accomplish this, hospitals are looking for options to speed staff efficiency so they have more time to respond to and spend with patients.  To enable staff, having information and medical supplies at hand are key.  There are several great options for having medical supplies at the point-of-care, from laptops to retrieve information to mobile workstations and supply carts to keep inventory close, all efficiently handled so staff spends less time running for supplies and information.

Organized patient floor sterile supply rooms with ample inventory

Data at hand with mobile stations and wall-mounted cabinets

Medication can be dispensed directly in patient rooms  

Enhanced inventory management

Easy to maneuver, durable and lightweight carts

Highly configurable to accommodate specific department and floor needs

Featured Solutions

storage solutions for
  • medication carts
  • computer workstations
  • procedure carts
  • supply carts
  • patient floors

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supply carts and workstations

Wall Mounted Workstation

Respond to patients faster with supplies that are reach for nursing and medical staff throughout the facility.  No more spending countless hours looking for supplies.

  • Highly customizable carts can be outfitted for every department

  • Secure storage

  • Durable construction

  • Built-in Microban surfaces

wall mounted
work space
Mobile Computing Cart
mobile computing
Mobile Healthcare Workstation
mobile work station and storage

medication dispensing

Deliver patient medication faster and more accurately with point of care medicine dispensing carts.

  • Dispense medication directly in patient rooms

  • Integrates with any HL& compliant hospital information system

  • Automatically captures dispensing, usage and billing information for faster and more accurate reimbursement

  • Multiple levers of security from seals to full featured electronic locking with audit trails

  • Highly configurable

  • easier end of shift counts

Mobile Medication Dispensing Cart
Computerized Medication Cart

procedure carts

Hospital Emergency Cart
emergency lifeline cart
Anesthesia Cart
anesthesia cart
Medical Procedure Cart
procedure cart
Crash Cart
Anasthesia Cart
Procedure Cart
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