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sterile storage and processing

Increase productivity in sterile storage
Improve accuracy of instruments delivered to the OR and Lab
Streamline workflows within and between departments
Reduce risk of patient infection
Reduce cost

No Touch System
Eliminate human touch from SPD to OR

At the heart of any healthcare organization is maintaining a safe environment for surgical kits and instruments. Proper storage keeps costs low by reducing damage, instrument loss and re-processing. It improves workflow so OR's and labs run on schedule, maximizes storage space and increases patient safety. Reynolds provides customized designs and state-of-the art, affordable solutions from leading manufacturers.


Reduced need for expansion and store 60% more supplies in your current space. Automated and high density storage units take advantage of unused vertical height (out-of-reach areas) and eliminate aisles.


Quicker access and increased productivity by eliminating long walks, climbing and bending to retrieve supplies and scrambling for missing instruments. Inventory accuracy will soar and more instruments will be delivered to point-of-care and directly in the OR.

Prevent damage by minimizing handling of kits and instruments

Reduce re-processing time and cost

Streamline the logistical flow from CSS to OR/Lab and back

Neatly store catheters and scopes for quick access and reduced damage

increase efficiency, accuracy

and patient satisfaction

storage solutions for
  • sterile processing dept
  • Central Sterile Supply
  • OR kits
  • Emergency department
  • central supply
  • cath labs
  • surgical storage
  • surgical suites

Featured Solutions

No Touch System

Eliminates Human Touch from SPD to OR

The No Touch System eliminates all human touch of surgical kits from sterilization until they are opened in the OR, all without disrupting your current workflow.

Kits are clean and wrapped in sterile wrap, placed on the No Touch tray, put in the sterilizer, moved from the sterilizer to storage (without touching the kit) and into a case cart when needed in the OR. The only hands to touch the kit are the OR Nurse.

No Toucn Not This Blue Wrap.gif
No Touch This Blue Wrap.gif


not this

No Touch System Tray

Sterile Pack

ISO Stainless Steel No Touch rack with handles

Non-skid silicone mat


university of Chicago study shows how to reduce cost in sterile processing

"Significant cost cutting may be achieved by reducing unnecessary sterilization, wear and tear, and processing of instruments..."




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Summary Study Chart from University of Chicago Medicine

trending topic

How improving sterile supply management in the OR can reduce infections and readmissions

Improving sterile supply management is one way hospitals can reduce the risk of infections and infection-related readmissions for their patients.

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Article from Beckers Hospital Review

automated vertical storage

  • Delivers kits directly to OR and Labs

  • Reduces handling and damage

  • Improves kit accuracy

  • Internal inventory system integrates with hospital ERP

  • Improves workflow and productivity

Ideal For:
  • spd/css
  • surgical suites/or's
  • multi floor access to instruments
Vertical Sterile Storage

see what other hospitals are doing

See how Florida Hospital maximized storage space, improved processing times to OR, enahnced securty and reduced cost

Preview Automated Storage

surgical supplies and instruments

Mobile Shelving

Sterile Bin Storage

Solid Shelves
 Microban Finish 

No Touch Racks.PNG

Sterile Kit Shelving

Wire Shelving
Peel Pack Shelf

Customized Wire Shelving

Single and Double Sided

Cantilever and Basket Options

Peel Pack Bin Inserts

Variable Divider Capabilities

large stainless cart

Open and Closed Carts

EZ Swipe Racks
Combo Cath Cart
Security Cart
LVH- Carbon Patient Supply.JPG

Kanban Shelving

Catheter/Shelving Combo

Secure Cart Unit

Louvered Panels and Bins

catheter and scope storage

Custom Catheter Cabinets
  • Neatly organizes catheters and scopes for quick access

  • Reduces handling and damage

  • Improves workflow and productivity

Ideal For:
  • cardiac cath labs
  • surgical suites
  • ent
  • gastroenterology
Catheter Cabinets

surgical supply carts and shelves

Automated Storage in Action

Enclosed Case Carts
  • Open and closed carts to safely transport kits to and from the OR

  • Reduces handling and damage

  • Smooth polymer shelves prevent damage to protective covering

  • Durable construction lasts

  • Built-in Microban protection

Ideal For:
  • sterile surgical kit transport to OR
  • instrument transport from or to spd
  • short term instrument storage
Wire Shelving

your guarantee

Reynolds offers integrated solutions for the challenges facing Sterile Storage and Supply Chain Departments. We guarantee a plan tailored to your specific needs using the highest quality products, all backed up by our award winning service and unrivaled transition team.  


Often managers are daunted by the thought of transitioning an entire department to a new system - training, workload, downtime. Rest assured that when working with Reynolds there will be no guesswork getting everything implemented - every last detail will be laid out for you. A consistent comment we get from customers, "Reynolds made this a no-brainer. I didn't have to think about how to transition or implement my new process or equipment."  We will do the same for you, just call us at 610-398-9080 or click here for an on-line request form.

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