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wire and spool carousel

store more spools in your current space

Store up to 36 spools in a single unit (30"diameter)
Quickly access inventory
Limitless configurations to store multiple SKUs
Store multiple sizes on a shelf
Increase worker safety

Watch the wire carousel in action

keep more spools and skus onsite

with quick access

Storing and retrieving spools of wire, cable, rope, chain, really anything stored on a spool, is one of the toughest storage challenges. Many are heavy and bulky and put a strain on the staff. And, storing multiple sizes and types takes up a lot of space. One Vidir wire carousel can eliminate most problems your dealing with at a very affordable price.

      Store up to 36 x 30" spools in a single carousel

       Eliminate hunting through warehouses and storage rooms

       Stock more spools in your current space

       Expand the number of SKU's you can carry in inventory

       Improve worker safety - no bending, climbing and traveling to retrieve heavy spools

       Keep inventory at hand, not in the back of the warehouse

This motorized vertical carousel is designed for high density storage and retrieval of spools.  The system can integrate with your inventory system, and will maximize overhead space, saving valuable floor space for more profitable and productive uses. By delivering spools at an ergonomically friendly height, productivity is improved and worker injuries and fatigue are greatly reduced.

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Vidir Wire Carousel
simplify spool storage
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  • Easy measuring

  • Easy re-stocking and inventory

  • Delivers goods to worker at an ergonomically friendly level

  • Eliminate ladders and climbing to reach spools

  • Limitless configurations

Vidir Wire Carousel
Wire Carousel
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